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[, Music, ], hello, and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Steven Williams. I’m, the founder and president of the credit repair shop, calm and you are on my website right now, because you want to repair your credit.

But what’s running in the back of your mind is if this can work. If I give you my hard-earned money, will this program work and you’re also here, because you probably want to buy a house, you want to get a new car, you want to get credit cards or you just want to have more confidence with Your credit, knowing that you could get approved, let’s face it.

Employers are looking at your credit future spouses, people that you want to get married to are looking at your credit, because they don’t want to have someone that’s, going to be struggling financially, so everything counts, and you need to Have good credit, regardless of what you think, if you have good credit, your life is going to be a lot easier.

You’re, going to pay a lot less for things that you buy on credit. Everything is going to be a lot easier, so let’s get right to it. I put this special page together on my website to explain in detail it’s like a virtual phone consultation.

Let’s, go right through it again. My name is Steven Williams, and I help my customers repair their credit and increase their credit scores, and here is exactly how I do that right. There step number one.

We have to gather all the data and the only possible way to gather the data on your credit reports is to actually get credit reports, all three Experian Equifax and TransUnion. We need to get that from a paid credit monitoring service.

It cannot come from a company like Credit Karma. Let me explain why Credit Karma does not give all of the data that we would need to repair your credit, the account numbers when the accounts were established.

All of the information about the addresses who placed it on when, if they place it on, we need all of that data to be able to repair your credit. Also, they don’t, provide all three credit reports. Now we have a monitoring company that we refer our customers to and we worked out a special deal for $ 16.

95 per month, but before we even get to that, let’s. Go through more to details, because if you decide to sign up there’s, a link that we provide to you and then you can choose to go with that company or if you already have a paid credit monitoring service.

You can just use that one and you can get the information over to us, so we can log into there. Also another big benefit to having the credit monitoring service is that we’re able to get the results a lot faster.

Now let’s. Go here to step two step: two. We will work on your negative information that’s on your credit reports, the any information that you feel to be inaccurate, unverifiable, unvalidated, outdated or unfair.

We will audit your credit reports and we will look at all of that information that’s on there and we will start to dispute and validate all of the information that’s on your reports that you feel is inaccurate, unverifiable, unvalidated Or outdated or unfair, that is a process that must be done to do credit repair.

The right way now step number three, the negative credit that is not validated will be removed from your credit reports. Sometimes it’s removed in it within 30 days. Sometimes it may take a little bit longer because the bureau ‘

S may request more data to see if that information can be validated now. One thing that I want to make clear all three credit reports are not owned by the same people. They work independently, just because one bureau takes the information off because they did a better investigation from what we sent to them.

Doesn’t mean the other two or all three have to come to same conclusion, that’s. Why? We have to continually do the follow-up process with all three bureaus, that’s, why it goes again why we need the information from all three credit reporting agencies.

So from that information we’re, going to continue following up and the information that is not validated will be removed from your credit reports. It may not be removed at the same time, but over time it will come to all, but the bureaus will come to the same conclusion.

It just takes a little bit of follow-up to get all of them to come to the same conclusions. Now let’s, go into if a negative credit. If item is validated, we will help you settle those accounts at a discount.

We cannot tell you the amount that they’re going to settle for, but what we do is we help. You come to a reasonable resolution. On those accounts, some of the times you may be able to pay it in full with one payment.

Some of the times you may have to do it over a period of time, regardless this is necessary to do credit repair. Don’t fall for what other companies are doing, where they just mail out letters over and over again that’s, going to get you nowhere! That’s, going to get you disappointment, you’re gone at some point.

If the items are validated, you’re, going to have to go into a settlement phase to totally get your credit repair now step 4. After all, the negative information is deleted or resolved with settlements.

Your credit score ‘ S will start to increase. Now. Let me make this very clear just because you had negative and from Meishan come off. Your credit reports does not automatically mean that your credit score will go up if you had only bad credit on your credit reports.

There is no way that your credit score is going to jump unless you start opening up new accounts and you’re. Making the payments on those accounts on time, we will help you establish new accounts. We will guide you to some vendors that we use to help.

You establish new accounts, so your credit score can increase. Now, if you had negative information, come on for your credit reports, and you had other positive information that you were still paying on when you were going through the credit repair process.

Yes, your credit score should start moving up. We cannot guarantee how much it will move up, but it will start moving up and they will independently start moving up because each of the bureau ‘ S does not care what the other Bureau does.

So if one bureau moves your score up to a 670, the other bureau may move it to a 690, and you may say well why aren’t they 690 across the board. They don’t care and they don’t tell us why they don’t care, so get that out of your mind and stop focusing on what some of these other so-called credit repair companies are telling you the only Way, your credit is going to move up after your credit is repaired, is if you continue number one pan on your good credit, without going crazy, getting new inquiries without making your debt-to-income ratio go too high and you make all of those payments on time.

Your credit score will start increase if you have had nothing but negative information on your credit reports and we got them deleted or resolved with settlements. Your credit score will remain the same.

It could even go a little bit lower because some of the negative end for maybe had positive information on there, but we will guide you with some vendors and some strategies that you can use to start.

Moving your credit score up now, results you will receive results in 30 to 45 days. This is not something that we have control over the bureau’s. Each independent Bureau has 30 to 45 days to get the results over to you.

They’re, going to send them in the mail they’re, going to be in three different envelopes and they may not come at the same time. This is the law. We cannot call them and say, send the results quicker.

We cannot do that, so this is a process 30 to 45 days. Also with your monitoring service. This is another huge benefit on why we want our customers to have a paid credit monitoring service, because the results will go there before they are sent out in the mail think about it.

It’s, a lot easier to update the database in the computer than to put together the mail and have that sent out to everybody. So it’s, going to take a little bit longer to get it in the mail. But we want to see those results and then we were also login to your credit monitoring service and we will see the changes and we will notify you of the changes.

Now when you, when we get those changes, we will do the automatic follow-up on those changes. Even if you get too busy so now let’s. Go into the next step right here. How fast is the credit repair process? If you don’t have validated collections, you could be done and finished within three to four months.

If you have settlements, that’s going to depend on your financial situation, some clients are ready to prepare. They’re ready to go, buy a house or what ever and they’ve, set aside money to be able to do two settlements.

Some clients, don’t, have money set aside, so they’re, going to have to make payment arrangements with with the collection agencies or the original creditors, and we help you do that. But there’s, going to have to be payments over a period of time, but regardless that the job will get done.

The right way, because, no matter what those months or a year or whatever, is going to go by and if you’re, not working on your credit, then you’re, going to be in the same situation a few months from now Or a few years from now now customer service, let’s, go over the way that we do customer service.

The first way, which is a huge benefit with our company, is that you go to our website the credit repair shop, calm and at the top it has scheduled customer service callback. When you click there, you will enter your information.

You will pick a time. Tell us a little bit about what you want to talk about, and we will get back in touch with you at that specific time, and the big benefit of that is that we’ve blocked off that time with you.

So, whichever customer service agent calls you back that time is blocked off you. Don’t have to worry about them, answering the phone for someone else, because they block that time off to speak to you to go over your concerns or whatever questions that you may have.

We also have email support if you just are up late at night and there’s, a question that you have, you can send it to the email through email to us. Also in your client web portal. You will also be able to communicate with us there that’s, also where you will see the information that we’re working on for your specific account, but within that portal we can communicate back and forth with each other.

Also in that portal, whenever we do to follow up for your credit repair, we’re, going to also put in there communicate with you what we did. So if you got busy you on vacation or you’re working or you’re, just tired, we’re, still working on your credit repair and you can log into there and see the communications.

Also. Those communications are emailed directly to you now. We also have phone support during business hours, but those conversations are very short because we out we block out the day for all of the agents to be able to talk to people.

That said, the customer service callbacks, but you can call during business hours and we will answer any questions that you have now. I want you to not be afraid because number one, my company is the only credit repair company that will give you your money back.

We are going to do everything legally possible to help get you into your house or your car, or just to have better credit. So you, don’t have to worry about when you go to put a job application. You don’t have to worry about them.

Looking at your credit report to see if they want to hire you so don’t be afraid when you sign up it’s only going to take a few minutes to go through the complete signup process. Everything is there step 1.

When you, first after you make your payment to get set up, it’s, going to take you to step one where we ask you a few questions that we need. So we can activate your web portal, so you can log in the seat of work that we’re, going to be doing, and then it’s.

Going to take you over to step two, where we’re, going to get your ID information, which is required and also your credit reports. If you already have a paid monitoring service, then you would just need to get that information over to us.

If you don’t, the link is there and you can sign up with the company that we refer you to now. I have a special offer for you. It only will cost you $ 9.95 to get started. If you’re single or if you are a couple $ 19.

90 and if you click there, you will be able to see the plans and you can get started and the sooner you get your information over the faster we can get your stuff put Together and out to the bureau’s also, we’re, going to no matter what we’re going to give you a welcome call, so you’re, not going to be on your own, everyone that signs Up is going to get a welcome call and we will go through your credit reports and let you know what we see and looking at the strategy on how we’re, going to accomplish the goal that you want now.

Also, if you do not want to sign up here, you can call a toll-free number that’s listed anytime 24/7. I’ve hired agents that are working 24 hours a day and they will answer your questions. They’re, going to basically go through exactly what I just went through here with all the steps, and then you can sign up to them.

If you just feel that you rather talk to someone before you sign up so again, my name is Steven Williams, the president and founder of a credit repair shop. Comm it’s, been my pleasure talking to you and I hope to see you as a customer because I want to see you live a better life, because if your credit is taken care of that takes away a huge worry in your life.

So you can become your full potential and that’s, something that I’ve always talked about when you have your credit repair when you have excellent credit, and it takes some work to get to excellent credit.

But when you have good credit, a lot of doors open up to you, a lot of doors. Believe me a lot of doors. So thank you again. It’s been my pleasure talking to you – and I hope you have a great and wonderful day.

Thank you.

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